Nurture your love for music

at the newest academy on the North Shore.

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Where musical excellence thrives

Nuture your love for music.

At the North Sydney Academy of Music we live and breathe music.

Our teachers are committed to helping you achieve your musical aspirations and we provide unique opportunities for you to meet and learn with industry professionals.

At the academy we pride ourselves on being a leader in private music education, offering you a range of classes customised to nurture your love for music.

Set in the leafy North Shore, we invite you to join our musical community, with expert educators and engaging lessons we believe this is the place where your musical excellence can thrive. We can't wait to welcome you to our musical community soon.

Our Classes

Where musical excellence thrives

Zhang Violin Method

NSAM is privileged to collaborate with the highly effective and successful Peter Zhang violin method. Peter Zhang is one of the foremost violin pedagogues of our time and his rigorous system is the result of a lifetime experience in teaching violin producing tremendous results. We encourage our teachers and students to use this method! His graded and highly systemised repertoire and etude  books include the best and well proven pieces to strongly build your technique and are accompanied by an online training system which utilise an effective array of practise techniques for a specific piece, including with metronome and piano accompaniment at varying speeds. The main benefit of this system is this online practise guide to maximise the effectiveness of your home practise.

Our testimonials

"I feel Peter is a conscientious and knowledgeable teacher who cares about my growth as a musician. This inspires me to present to each lesson with the best that I can do. He is very organised, methodical and always comes prepared to every lesson. If a problem arises, he is very insightful in his approach and solution. With Peter I feel I am getting a good solid foundation, that builds my confidence. (Stories, Biscuits and tea help)"


"It has been an absolute joy to study with Peter for the past 2 years. Peter is a patient, understanding teacher who teaches in a way where the student can easily understand. I have improved greatly in all aspects - technically, musically and much more. I’ve enjoyed his lessons very much and found it something to look forward to each week. He is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had throughout the years and I definitely would recommend him to other students."

Nicole (current student at the Menuhin School)

"I feel so fortunate to have had Cristina as my teacher. She has fixed my technique which has made bowing and playing my pieces much easier to play. Lessons are fun and I feel she really cares about me."


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